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Banzai Sushi is not worth the cheap lunch September 10, 2014

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I work near a sushi place called Banzai. I happen upon myself one day there for lunch.  Their lunch menu is super cheap and had a nice variety of options to pick from.  I selected the bento box with the 4 piece chef picked sushi, vegetable tempura and California roll.  It came with miso soup and a salad covered in ginger dressing.  Sounds great right? Wrong. The dressing on the salad was extremely bland. The tempura batter was so thin is just crumbled off of the vegetables. The California roll has some weird green stuff on top that masked the flavor and stuck to your teeth. The fish was just plain gross.  I couldn’t eat the fish, it was that bad.  The service wasn’t really anything to write home about either.  Everyone seemed to hate their job and not want to be there. I would not suggest going here unless your taste buds lack.





Simm’s Steakhouse August 28, 2014

Want a beautiful view of Denver and a mouth watering steak? If so, then you have to go to Simm’s.  It has been on my Denver bucket list for a while and finally dined there. There is not a bad seat in the entire house. Every table has an amazing view from the hillside that the restaurant sits on.

Brian went with steak medallions over vegetables and I had the filet with mashed potatoes.  As a side, we got the fresh green beans and a few cocktails. Everything fell apart like butter. The meat was incredibly tender and full of great flavors. The service was perfect. He was always prepared with suggestions and opinions. I ended up with a banana chocolate martini that was to die for, based on his recommendation.  I will definitely be back to try more tasty menu items and to enjoy the view.












Ginza Sushi and Grill August 27, 2014

I kept driving past this place and seeing the opening soon sign.  One day, the sign said Grand Opening. I love sushi and I am in for a new sushi place anytime.  We headed over to the restaurant and found that the parking situation wasn’t too great. Street parking was pretty much the only thing available other than paid parking in a garage that is attached to an apartment complex.  Once we walked up to the restaurant, we saw a sign that said they validate parking in the garage. Oh well, we had street parked. We were greeted by multiple people at the front door and seated in a booth.  Let the ordering begin.  I wanted to try just about everything, and we did.  Rolls, gyoza, sashimi, crab wontons, tempura, hibachi soup, and cocktails.  This place is like heaven. Their food is amazing.  I would put it up with Hapa sushi on my list of favorite sushi restaurants. The service is great and everyone there is willing to suggest anything that you are looking for. We have been several times since their opening.  If you like high end sushi, head to this place located in the DU area.












Walter’s Pizzaria August 13, 2014

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I had a menu taped to my front door when I came home one day. It was for Walter’s Pizzeria. I recently moved and have been looking for a good pizza place that would even come close to Perry’s Pizza. Well, I found it. It isn’t quite the same, but definitely does the job.  They have a great beer selection and cheap, tasty calzones. With a menu that allows you to pick up to 5 items in the calzone for a cheap price, how can you go wrong? I like a ton of meat in my calzone and on top of my pizzas.  I got pepperoni, ham, caramelized onions, garlic and black olives. For an additional 50 cents, I added bell peppers. YUM! This calzone came out pipping hot, served by a great waitress. I am going to frequent this place over and over.





Sams No.3 August 12, 2014

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Big Smoke Burger August 7, 2014

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Big Smoke has great burgers! We were hanging out on the patio at World of Beer and we were starving.  There are a few choices of food that deliver to your table.  I love this idea.  Both companies benefit, and I benefit even more because I can bring my dog. We decided to order from Big Smoke because we had heard great things about them.  I like spicy food, so I went with the spicy burger. It has spicy chipotle mayo, which was calling my name.  We also got Poutine fries. The delivery was super fast and the girl was extremely friendly. The burger was delish.  I bit into the juicy burger and it began oozing the spicy chipotle mayo. I am a fan. I was not a fan of the Poutine fries, but I think that may be a acquired taste.  I am little picky when it comes to what I put gravy on.  Overall, great experience and excellent food. I will definitely be back to try more burgers.





Zatarain’s New Orleans Airport August 3, 2014

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You have heard the commercial for Zatarain’s and I am sure you have had that stuck in your head. You know, the ZATARAIN’S! When I saw that there was a restaurant by the same company in the airport, I had to try their authentic creole food. There was a line and the whole seating process was very unorganized. We finally found a table for two and sat down.  I watched as the person behind us waited for a table the entire time that we were there. Lets just say, they weren’t very quick. We ordered red beans and rice, jambalaya and gumbo.  Everything tasted just like you would imagine. Like you made it at home from a box. I am not saying it was bad, just typical. It was good enough for me to end my trip to Nola. If you you really don’t care if you are eating Cajun food that comes from a box, then try Zatarain’s.


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