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Hodad’s Ocean Beach March 3, 2014

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I love Hodad’s.  I think this may even be an understatement. I have their sticker on so many things, every time I am in San Diego I eat there, and I even refer everyone I possibly can. I stopped by the location downtown, but it just wasn’t the same.  It is missing that feeling you get when at the OB location. You know the feeling.  Close to beach, hippies hanging out, and eclectic clientele.  Plus, it is always busy. So busy, that they tend to have a line outside the door waiting to get in and seated. This time, I picked the bar.  There was no wait for bar seating. Ordered the ever amazing cheeseburger, onion rings, and of course, a beer. Ahhh, it was like heaven. I truly wish I could live in OB and eat here every day of my life! This is the best burger I have ever had. You must go to Hodad’s if you are in San Diego.  I even got vegetarians to love this place.  :)





Tower Two Cafe in Ocean Beach

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Tower Two has one of the best views when it comes to dining near the beach.  Ocean Beach has my heart in it’s hand. I love going there.  Tower Two has become one of my favorite spots. It is great to sit on the patio and enjoy a drink, multiple drinks, or a great meal. Breakfast was the meal we enjoyed this time. They have daily specials written on a white board when you walk up to the entrance and one sounded fantastic to me. Pancakes, bacon and eggs. Classic, but perfect. For dessert, we savored a bottle of champagne for mimosas while we watched surfers. Brian can’t resist the fish tacos. Every time we go, he has to get them. He states that they are the best fish tacos he has ever had.  :)






Modern Times Brewery March 2, 2014

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We were having dinner with some friends in San Diego and were told to check out Modern Times.  This was the second time in the same day that this place was recommended to us. We went later that evening after dinner to have a few beers.  It is located in a crappy neighborhood and no sign to indicate where it is.  We walk in and find ourselves in a giant warehouse. One wall is covered in comic books.  Another, covered in post it notes, making a beautiful picture from floor to ceiling. We didn’t know what to try, so the sampler seemed like the best bet. I wanted to try them all.  The beers were served in an old cigar box.  I have to give them an A+ for presentation and ambiance.  But after trying the beers, I have to give them a D. None of the beers had a good flavor.  All were extremely hoppy. I know that San Diego prides themselves on hoppy/IPA type beers, but I think they need to expand their horizons and branch out a bit. I can’t say that I would suggest going to Modern Times unless you are an IPA fan.






Monkey Paw Brewery

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A few people suggested trying Monkey Paw while we were in San Diego.  Located downtown, in a very shady area, this brewery looks like a complete dive bar. We walked in and immediately I noticed the distinct smell of dirty wet sponges.  The whole place smelled that way.  It was gross. Seated at the bar, we were greeted by a helpful woman on the variety of beers that they had to offer.  The beer that we were advised to try, they were out of. Everything else they had was some kind of IPA.  I am a beer lover, but I just can’t really do hoppy beers.  This place pretty much only had hoppy beers. I went with the lightest beer that they had, which was another brewery’s peach flavored beer.  It was okay.  I was extremely disappointed at this time. The clientele was interesting, but he place was dingy.

I was a little hungry and glanced over the menu.  Something caught my eye. Drunken Monken bones.  Sounded tasty. Pork shank smothered in Guinness BBQ sauce. I had to try them. Brian’s choice was a bit more tame.  He picked a pretzel with cheese. It did take quite some time to get the food.  Others that had sat down after us, ordered after us, got their food before we did.  The food finally arrived and wow was I impressed with my choice.  They were so tender and falling off the bone.  Outstanding flavor.  I was in love.  All of a sudden, everything else that had bothered me before, meant nothing at that moment. Brian’s pretzel was a bit bland and boring, so he kept grabbing pieces of mine.  I would suggest the only thing worth going to this place is for those monkey bones.





Tent City on Coronado Island

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One morning in San Diego, we happen upon ourselves on Coronado Island.  It was rainy and a bit cold outside.  I parked our rental at a parking meter a few blocks from Coronado Hotel.  We had intentions of doing some light shopping and wandering around, but the weather was not cooperating. I told Brian I was starving and wanted to eat some place.  He literally got out of the car and said “Why not here?”. We were standing in front of this cute cafe called Tent City. We walked in and were greeted with the nicest lady stating that we can sit anywhere.  We picked a a place by the window to get in some good people watching.  The menu was filled with great choices, but I had only one thing on my mind. Eggs.  I don’t know why, but eggs were calling my name that morning. I got a basic breakfast with eggs and sausage, along with a very tasty mimosa. Brian got the bagel with lox and cream cheese. It looked amazing and actually, very filling.  The waitress/hostess was extremely nice and always helpful with suggestions and great conversation.  I love this place! It was meant to be that we stumbled upon it. Perfect for a stop while on the island!








Bobby’s Burger Palace @bobbysburgerpal February 28, 2014

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Bobby Flay is my chef boyfriend, in case you didn’t know that.  I happen upon Bobby’s Burger Palace when walking down the strip in Vegas and of course I had to eat there. They have a great menu to pick from and you can get any burger crunchified. Meaning, they put potato chips on the burger, and it is free. I selected the palace classic with grilled onions. Brian went with the Vegas and made it crunchified. Amazing, juicy, dripping with love, this burger was perfect. I know that sounds extreme, but it was in all fairness, perfection. On top of everything, the staff was extremely friendly and always smiling. Everyone looked like they love their job!  I am elated that we found this burger place and we will definitely frequent it every time we go to Vegas.  If you want an awesome burger and love Bobby Flay, then go to Bobby’s Burger palace!





Aria Buffet February 27, 2014

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This was my first experience with a Vegas buffet.  A co-worker suggested trying the Aria buffet as my first one.  They were definitely on to something.  That place is fantastic!! All you can eat gourmet food including sushi, turkey, crab legs, Indian food, stir fry, assorted meats and cheeses, dim sum and so on.  The list seems endless. All amazing food, with great spices and flavors. To accompany the great food, they offer bottomless drinks for $12.  Well worth it, if you ask me. White and red sangrias were flowing to our table.  As if that wasn’t enough for you, they have an assortment of Gelato. I had to roll out of the buffet into the casino.  If you need a great buffet to hit up while gambling in Vegas, go to the Aria!







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