Carlos Miguel’s in Highlands Ranch

Anyone who knows me, knows that I can always go for some tacos.  I saw that a new place opened in Highlands Ranch called Carlos Miguel’s. So, off I went today for lunch to try some new tacos. I walked in and didn’t see anyone in sight. No one was at the hostess stand.  I stood there for roughly 5 minutes before I started wandering into the left side room and a server saw me. She seated me and walked away. I sat for a minute before she walked back up with the menu and asked what I would like to drink.  She brought my drink, but then walked away before taking my order.  I sat for another 5 minutes before the bartender looked up and I gave her the ‘I am ready to order’ smile.  She said something to the waitress who then turned and walked into the kitchen.  I waited another 5 minutes before a manager walked up to me and took my order.  I got two ground beef tacos with refried beans and rice.  The same manager arrived with my food.  It looked great.  Great presentation.  All I kept thinking was that their tacos should be better than their service. Nope, I was wrong. The beef was not seasoned at all and wasn’t cooked enough. The taco had raw red onions on top that over powered any flavor that would have been within that shell.  The only thing that tasted good on my plate was the refried beans with cheese melted on top. I am not a fan at all.  Not only was their service not great, food being horrible, but their prices are pretty high as well. An appetizer of queso was ten dollars.  A little extreme if you ask me.  I don’t recommend going to this place at all, unless maybe the bar has good drinks.  😉





4 thoughts on “Carlos Miguel’s in Highlands Ranch

      1. Hacienda is a chain here in the Denver area. I highly recommend going to any location. They are more of a Tex Mex type, but really good. And great margs! Los Dos, it more authentic Mexican food and a little cheaper than Hacienda. Tacos Rapidos is on Federal and Evans in the ghetto, but has the best real Mexican food I have found in Denver.

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