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Linger Denver Restaurant Week 2015 ‘Olinger’ February 20, 2015

Linger has been on the top of my list of places to eat/drink. After named top 10 rooftop bars and one of the best outdoor restaurants by Travel and Leisure Magazine, they went to the top place I needed to check out. A good friend was coming into town and picked Linger for us to attend celebrating Denver Restaurant Week 2015.  We wanted some things on the pre-fix menu and a few items not listed on it.  So, Brian went with the DRW menu and I picked some other items. We got the gyro, honey- sriracha duck wings,  Moroccan lamb kofta kebabs, sweet potato waffle fries, crispy cheese & roasted shishito peppers, chocolate peanut butter bar, and a cream puff. The gyro was extremely tiny. Honestly, it wasn’t good.  It lacked flavor and was literally 2 bites of food. The wings were excellent, but for $13, you would thing you would get more of them. The lamb kebabs were the best item.  Great taste, seasoned well and looked very appealing. The cheese curds were really good.  It was kind of an odd thing to put with the peppers, but it worked. Dessert was awesome, but I would suggest sharing, because it is very rich. Their cocktail menu is actually pretty small for being known as a top bar. I settled on beer, since none of the cocktails sounded good. Overall, I liked it, but was sadly disappointed.  Maybe Travel and Leisure hyped it up too much for me. Sorry the pictures are great.  It was pretty dark inside.











Tacos Y Salsas February 17, 2015

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With a name like Tacos Y Salsas, it was only a matter of time before I had to try their tacos… and salsas. I got 3 ground beef tacos and Brian went with a combo that included a burrito and chile rellano. They both looked amazing, but both lacked flavor. I was disappointed. How can a place called Tacos Y Salsas mess up tacos?? Well, they succeeded. The concept was there, but needed some seasoning. I will say that they do make some excellent horchata though.







Second Home Pajama Brunch February 15, 2015

When I heard that Second Home had a Sunday pajama brunch, I knew it was totally something that my girlfriends and I had to attend. Everyone is welcome to come in their jammies and the staff sports sleep wear also. They offer one mimosa for $9, or bottomless for $13. Of course, the $13 is the deal to take. The menu has a good variety of choices to pick from. I decided on the Graceland pancakes. The pancake itself were cooked with banana and then topped with peanut butter, with 4 pieces of bacon on the side. If you order this, make sure you are hungry.  It is a lot of food. The service was great and offered helpful suggestions. I really love the atmosphere and decor of restaurant. A piece of advice for parking, valet your car at The Marriott and the restaurant will validate your parking.





Zink for Valentine’s Day Dinner February 14, 2015

It is pretty much a tradition for my boyfriend and I to go to dinner at Zink for Valentine’s Day dinner. I believe we have been 4 times out of the 7 years we have been together.  This year was no exception and not sure how I feel about it.  They always have a pre-fix menu that you can select from, and usually it has some amazing deals and excellent food.  This year was so so. The service was a little horrendous. The waitress was so high strung that she was stressing me out. Everything we asked about that wasn’t on their specials menu, she talked down. The dessert we asked about, she talked down. The beer options she talked down.  She threw my salad and our dessert on the table as she rushed by.  I saw that other tables were offered fresh cracked pepper, but I couldn’t even stop her to ask if I could get some. The caesar salad was amazing. The dressing was seriously perfect. I ordered the mahi and Brian got the braised buffalo, both were on the special menu.  They were interesting, but seemed like they were trying to hard to be different, and not hard enough on making things taste good that go together. We went with the bottle of wine that was on the special menu.  The waitress lied about how many bottles they had to sell as many as possible.  When we first sat down, she told us that they only had 4 left.  We ordered one, the table next to us ordered 2, and I saw three other tables order at least one.  Then a manager walked by later in the evening with 4 bottles in hand.  I really don’t like to be lied to just to sell something. I probably would have gotten a bottle regardless. For dessert we went with the apple bites.  I loved them! Basically it was apple pie bites with a serving of salted caramel gelato.  Delish. I love this place, so I will come back, but they should really focus on their service and not trying too hard on the food.






GB Fish and Chips February 12, 2015

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Everything at GB is greasy greasy greasy, but that is why it is so amazing. Yours fingers are covered in it, but your taste buds and stomach are very happy. I really don’t think you could go wrong with anything that you order here. Friendly staff and they are super quick at making your food. I typically go with the tilapia and Brian gets the squid.  With a side order of the sausage rolls, baked beans and a few beers, this meal is complete. They have the best fish and chips I have ever had.  I highly recommend visiting sometime.






Steuben’s in Uptown February 10, 2015

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I have only visited Steuben’s for drinks, so when I had a class to attend in the uptown area, I knew I had to finally try their food. I was seated on the patio since it was a warm January day for Denver. The waitress was nice and extremely attentive. I perused the menu and found that yes, it did have a bunch of appealing items, but their prices were a bit high.  Especially for lunch. I find it odd that they have the same menu for lunch and dinner, with the same items and same prices.  I think offering a smaller portion for a decent price, it would be more worth it. I stuck with a cheeseburger and a cup of tortilla soup.  I absolutely love tortilla soup. The only thing I really didn’t like about it was the cheese that they put on top. It made the soup have a weird consistency. The burger was juicy and messy, the way I like it.  Overall, it was a typical restaurant burger.  The food was good, but not sure what all the hype is all about with this place.





Rumbi Island Grill February 1, 2015

Rumbi is pretty much the closest you can get to Hawaii without leaving Colorado. Sadly, there is only one left in the Denver metro area, and it is in Aurora by Southlands Mall. I was hankering for a Hawaiian teriyaki chicken bowl and so off to Aurora we went. I was not disappointed at all.  We were greeted by a smiling face and the smell of heaven. I ordered my Hawaiian teriyaki bowl and Brian got his luau pork bowl and split the Rumbi fries. Rumbi fries are a great compromise between us.  He loves sweet potato fries and I love regular french fries.  Then served with a side of Rumbi fry sauce. There it is… heaven again. I wish there were more around town.  They keep closing down all of the locations, for some reason. If you like Hawaiian style food, go to Rumbi!







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