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Sushi Katsu All You Can Eat April 20, 2015

All you can eat sushi is the way to go if you want to try more than a few things. I am all in for all you can eat, as long as I am starving. If you don’t eat every piece that you order, you have to pay per piece that you leave. There is obviously no way to take the leftovers home, because then everyone would order too much sushi all of the time. . We started off with some yellowtail and salmon nigri and a few rolls. That didn’t fill us up, so we kept going. After going over the menu more, we ordered a second round with chicken yakatori and more yellowtail and assorted nigri. The fish was fresh and the service was on top of it. We were seated a few tables over from two guys that literally ordered over 100 pieces of sushi.  The waitress explained to them multiple times that they have to eat every piece or be charged.  They insisted on ordering all of it. Crazy kids. I glanced over at the table full of sushi and both guys were staring at the plates full with their eyes glazed over. I don’t know if they ever finished all of it.  By the time we left, they still had roughly 50 pieces on the table. I love this Aurora gem and will be back often.  Be prepared to wait, the place gets busy and it is pretty small.








Pho 97 in Aurora April 19, 2015

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I am always in search of good Pho places.  This isn’t one of them.  Their food was bland and service was horrible. They got our order wrong, along with other tables near us. We waited what seemed like forever to get the wrong food and it came out cold. The broth wasn’t cooking the raw meat.  I would rather go to a run down place that looks like it is falling apart with great food, then this upscale looking restaurant. The prices are extremely high as well for a bowl of pho. A small bowl is nearly $8, compared to others that are less than $6. I don’t think this is a place worth going to. I feel like I wasted my money and time here.





Dozens in Aurora

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Always on the hunt for good brunch places, I came across this restaurant on Yelp. Most reviews were people complaining about the atmosphere, the hard to read menu and the slow service. I figured I would check it out and get my own opinion. Really glad I did. They are wrong.  First off, the atmosphere is country style.  It doesn’t need updating. Although the menu is a bit difficult to read, it is something original. At least they aren’t plain Jane like Denny’s. The service was not slow at all for me. The waitress was super friendly and helpful with suggestions. After I was eye balling this ladies dish next to me, the waitress suggested I get the Blue Bonnet Sonnet smothered in green chili. It was fantastic and I had plenty of leftovers since their portions are huge. I give this place 2 thumbs up and I will be back over and over again.







Nonna’s Chicago Bistro April 16, 2015

Don’t go to this restaurant if you are expecting an Italian Beef.  This is much more of an Italian Restaurant than a Chicago eatery. I wasn’t expecting that when I walked in, but everyone I start to tell about it, ask about their Italian beef. All I wanted when I arrived, was some chicken parmigiana. That is exactly what I got. Sitting on a bed of spaghetti pasta and doused in mariana, I was in heaven.  Great lunch, and I even had leftovers. My lunch buddy went with a personal pizza covered with homemade giardinara. Again, it isn’t a Chicago style pizza.  It was a typical thin crust type pizza. She seemed pretty happy with it except she was surprised there were green olives on it. Not sure if that is normal with giardinara, but I had to throw that out there. Great service.  I am pretty sure it was the owner herself that helped us. The prices are a bit high for lunch portions, but I was still happy with my choice.  Cute restaurant for a family dinner or have a glass of wine at the bar.





Lee Pho and Grill April 15, 2015

The Yelp reviews are all correct about this place. Horrible service but excellent food. They only had two people working and one kept leaving to do deliveries. The other didn’t speak English very well and was extremely slow. Once the food finally arrived, I was very happy.  Great broth for the pho. Dare I say the best broth I have ever had. The crab cheese wontons were green in the middle.  I believe this is from green onions, but not completely sure. Either way, they were packed full of great flavor and fried to perfection.  The prices make it worth the wait as well.  They are pretty cheap compared to other pho places around here. I will be back and prepared to wait; it is worth it.





Sushi Hana April 8, 2015

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Now that I live in the Aurora area, I am excited to explore new restaurants that I have never been to or heard of.  Sushi Hana is one of them.  I was looking on Google to find a sushi place in the area and came across this one.  They are open late and offer $1 nigri.  I am in! We walked in and the place was dead. Not a soul in site except the two employees there.Many people complain about the decor being too Ikea ish, but I feel like it looks inviting and comfortable. We were seated and saw the sign stating 2 for 1 sake on Monday through Thursday. Perfect! We ordered a couple of rolls, and a ton of nigri of yellowtail and salmon. Service was super fast. I know they didn’t have anyone else to serve, but still felt like they were faster than normal. The sushi was good, maybe not the best, but still pretty fresh. We will definitely be back to try more rolls!



Seasons 52 April 5, 2015

Someone gave us a gift card to Seasons 52 for our anniversary and my mom was in town to watch the pup, so we jaunted on down to Park Meadows to taste the hype I had heard about. I know this place is a chain restaurant, but honestly you wouldn’t have known by our experience. We didn’t have a wait once we arrived without a reservation. We were greeted by an upbeat lady and seated with the same enthusiasm. We hadn’t even looked at the menu prior to dinner, so I took more time than usual to look over the menu. We started with the shishito peppers while we decided on our dishes.  They were amazing. Covered with roasted corn and goat-feta cheese. I have never had them served this way before. I went with a staple of mine for my meal, the filet minon. Ordered medium rare, it came out cooked to perfection. Brian went with the lamb and was completely satisfied as well. I actually finished the whole plate of steak, vegetables and potatoes.  After we were done, the server brought over the tray of desserts. Normally we don’t go with dessert, but she said peanut butter and chocolate. I was sold. The peanut butter was almost a mousse. It was smooth and topped with peanuts on top.   I loved it so much I felt like licking the glass clean. Brian got the carrot cake and loved it as well. The service was phenomenal. We went well over our gift card and every bit of it was worth it. Don’t believe the nonsense about this place being a chain, they are damn near perfect in my opinion. I will be back for sure!







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