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2 Penguins Tap and Grill July 10, 2015

My fiance heard of this new tap house in Centennial and said we had to check it out.  We arrived and they were really busy. I wanted to sit outside, but the patio was overflowing with people, so we sat inside by the bar. The beer choices are all local and the liquor is  made local.  I already loved this placed based on that.  There were too many beers to pick from, so I was going to do several 4oz pours.  The server came up and mentioned that it was supposed to be an Epic Brewing firkin Friday, but they failed to send the kegs.  So in that case, Epic was buying everyone’s first beer.  The catch was, you had to pick from 4 beers. One was on my list, so I went with the Wit’s End Banana Hammock. We were a little hungry, so we figured some appetizers would be enough to fill us up.  Selected the crab cakes, calamari and  onion rings. All extremely great choices, even though not great with presentation.  The calamari was my favorite. Not too chewy, and covered in a tangy batter. The server was fantastic.  He was on the ball with suggestions and never let us have an empty glass.  I need to come back to try more local brews and other tasty items on the food menu.








Katsu Ramen July 8, 2015

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My first  ramen experience besides the packaged Maruchan ramen was on the island of Oahu. I loved it so much, I ate there multiple times on each of my trips. I have now tried a few places here in Denver to compare to. This time, I tried Katsu Ramen. They were voted best ramen in Denver by Westwood magazine. I figured I had to check them out and see just how good they are. I ordered the miso ramen and Brian got the shoyu ramen bowl.  To start off, we got their gyoza to share.  The gyoza arrived at the table and we both went to grab one.  They crumbled in our chopsticks. By crumbled, I mean completely fell apart.  They were extremely under cooked and mushy. I was not a fan at all. The ramen bowls arrived and looked fantastic. The presentation was beautiful. I grabbed my first bite and it tasted pretty good. A bit bland when comparing it to island ramen, but still had some good taste to it.  Brian’s bowl on the other hand, was just plain gross. It almost had too many flavors that were overpowering each other. We tried adding some soy sauce and sriracha to it, but nothing could make this bowl taste good. The service was good,  but I still felt that it wasn’t worth the meal. I think I will stick to pho from now on.






The French Press July 5, 2015

I couldn’t tell you how many people told me to have breakfast at The French Press.  I should have listened to them earlier. This place is great! A tiny restaurant located on the corner of Chambers and Iliff, this hidden gem is well worth the 30 minute wait to order your food.  The line goes out the door and you wait to order at the counter.  Once you order, you get a number and you can sit at any open table. I had a hard time making a decision and I must have changed it 15 times before getting to the counter. I finally settled on the build your own omelet. I had it filled with bacon, tomatoes, cheese, and onions smothered with pork green chili. Brian got the lox and bagel.  Both looked so amazing. There was so much green chili on my plate that I soaked my potatoes in it as well.  I can’t wait to go back and try everything they have on the menu.  A piece of advice, if you are going to frequent this cute place, then get a drink card.  You get a stamp for each drink you get. After 9 stamps, your 10th is free!




Racines for Brunch July 3, 2015

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Racines has a giant menu and a good choice of brunch cocktails. This is why we picked it for a lovely brunch with my girlfriends. They were very accommodating when making a large reservation and were ready for us when we arrived. The hostess was very friendly however, the server was not so much.  She seemed awkward and abrupt when taking our  order or bringing us drinks. Not sure if she was having a bad day, but I hope it got better for her. I was feeling eggs, so I got the Farmer’s Breakfast with two sunny side up eggs, hash browns, and sausage. When the meal came out, it was exactly what my stomach wanted. Tasty and priced well.  We all had a great meal, and a great time.  Thanks Racines!





Lola in the Highlands July 2, 2015

I had only been to Lola for drinks prior to a friend’s birthday dinner.  Now was my chance to try their food that I kept hearing about. It took me what seemed like forever to pick my meal. I couldn’t seem to make up my mind. I finally had to just point at one and go with it. I selected the Tampiquena which is Kobe sirloin, smoked cheddar & mushroom enchilada,with heirloom pinto beans. To start, the table got guacamole and my fiance and I ordered some oysters. The guac was made tableside and was presented well.  It was extremely tangy and a good amount of spice. Excellent I would say.  The oysters were a bit small, but tasted good as well. The silver coin margaritas were especially potent and tasted awesome.  I will definitely be getting these in the future. The meals arrived for dinner and mine looked beautiful. I bit into the medium rare sirloin and was really happy. The beef was cooked and seasoned well. The enchilada tasted gross though.  It was the only part of the dish that I didn’t enjoy. The service was prompt and friendly from all staff. I love that they have valet as well! Sorry the pictures are so dark.  There isn’t much light in the restaurant.









Armadillo in Aurora June 26, 2015

Apparently the amazing Armadillo in Litteton closed, so I had to check out the Aurora location.  I checked out Yelp and heard horrible things. I wanted to go regardless. I have a good sense for these things and I was not wrong about this one.  It was great! The service was extremely fast, so not sure why so many people complained about it. The waitress was awesome! I ordered the combo with one chicken enchilada and two ground beef tacos. Brian got the molcajete which is basically a bowl full of different kinds of meat.  Weird, but taste really good.  Love the chips and salsa! Great margaritas, and they were cheap.  I will be back and rave about this place.  Stop listening to the bad reviews and go to this cutely decorated restaurant.










The Pint Room June 21, 2015

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175 beers on tap, 150 of them local, specializing in burgers. How can this be a  bad place? Well, it can. What is the point of having so many beers on tap, if you don’t have any in stock? It took me about 3 orders before I picked a beer that they actually had. The idea of 175 beer choices is awesome, but they need to keep up on refilling these.  My other thought it, I hope they have a handle on cleaning out those taps.

We ordered calamari to start with.  The server then said, “I am going to bring you out some bacon. It is $3 and you will each get a piece”. Ummm, okay. Thanks for asking if we wanted this bacon. The calamari came out and it was exquisite. There is no better word to describe it. The sauce that it was tossed in was tangy and not overpowering. It was laying on a bed of crispy rice noodles and bell peppers that were also drizzled with the same amazing sauce. I could eat this calamari everyday. The $3 bacon came out and I grabbed a piece. They were limp.  I like my bacon to be crispy, but this was just a thick cut of fatty bacon.  My fiance loved it, but I thought it was awful.

We then ordered our burgers.  I went with the classic, medium rare with american cheese.  I asked what the fresh vegetable side was and the server stated it could either be a squash medley or brussel sprouts. She didn’t seem to make any effort to find out which it was when I asked, so I went with the french fries. At this point the server had already forgotten about a beer that we ordered and pretty much forced us to buy bacon. The burgers came out and I started to chow down. The meat was nowhere near medium rare. It was a good solid medium to medium well.  I continued to eat it hoping that maybe once I got towards the center there would at least be some pink. No, no pink. I wasn’t in the mood to complain, and really gave up on this place being awesome at that point. I have spoken to a few others about this place and they all have the same issues. In theory this place could be fabulous, but really, it isn’t worth it.











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