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Springfield Missouri Brewery Day November 28, 2015

While visiting my mom in Republic, Missouri we decided to check out the two breweries that we knew of in Springfield. Mother’s Brewery and Springfield Brewery. My mom hadn’t been to either, so this was a first time for both of us. We went to Springfield first because it opened first. We walked in and sat at the bar. I started with the Walnut Street wheat beer. This is a great beer to start with. Smooth and easy to drink. I also tried the Aviator and the Mudhouse stout. Both are fantastic beers.While sitting at the bar, a lady came over and noticed I was sporting a Colorado hoodie and CO purse. We started talking about breweries in Colorado. She then mentioned that there was another brewery in Springfield called White River Brewing CO. Another one to add to our list to visit for the day. Springfield Brewing has a great location and excellent friendly staff. The bartender was amazing!



The second stop on our brewery tour was Mother’s Brewing Company. I had tried 2 of their beers the day before at Bair’s Sport Bar, so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. We arrived right as they opened for the day and were greeted by two beertenders that were extremely helpful. I chalkboard was covered with beers you can only get there and experimental beers. I wanted to try all of them. ALL OF THEM! Well,I didn’t go that far. But I was a beer tasting machine. All the beers were awesome, but my fav was vanilla winter grind. Extremely awesome staff, great little gift shop (bought a hoodie) and crazy awesome beers! Love this place!



The third and final stop on our brewery tour was White River Brewing Co. We walked in and the tap room was fairly small. I couldn’t decide on just one beer, so we did a flight of 5 beers. My favorite was the Old Mill Ale. Most of the beers lacked something though.  None of them really had a distinct flavor that would set them apart from other breweries. If this brewery was in Colorado, it wouldn’t last long with the beers that they currently offer.













Bair’s All American Sports Grill November 27, 2015

I was visiting my mom in Republic, Missouri for a few days and she kept swearing by Bair’s. I told her I had to try this place that she talks about all of the time. We stopped in for lunch at the location in Springfield. The waitress came by to take our drink order. I remembered seeing a sign for a Springfield brewery called Mother’s at the airport. I asked if they had anything from them and they did! I ordered the Tow Head American Blonde. Good smooth beer. I ordered a cheese burger and fries. I know, you are probably thinking I should have ordered something crazier, but I like to try to basics first. The burger came out and it was messy, delicious and juicy. Great burger! My mom got the sliders, which I think is a usual for her there. I ordered another Mother’s beer and tried the Three Blind Mice brown ale. Another good beer choice.  I decided then that we had to go to the Mother’s Brewery to try other beers that they offered. Bair’s has a great sports bar atmosphere. I love the food and the service was okay. I will be back when I visit Missouri again.







New Belgium Hub at DIA November 26, 2015

My flight was delayed as usual at DIA in the winter. Usually I am on the A or B concourse, but this time I was flying to Springfield, Missouri. Frontier and Southwest don’t fly there, so I was on United leaving out of the C concourse. As I felt like I was walking to Kansas, I glanced over to the right and saw my saving grace. New Belgium has a location in DIA? I was trying to hold my excitement for having a delayed flight, because now I had a chance to try the collaboration beer that New Belgium did with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. The salted caramel brownie brown ale was about to touch my taste buds for the first time! This was one time that I was actually happy that my flight was delayed. The service was fast, which is great for airport service. Now I am hoping to have more flights out of the C concourse.



Rosie’s Diner November 15, 2015

What a cute little diner! This place is adorable and I love it. Super friendly, upbeat staff. Large menu to choices to pick from. I can’t get enough of this 50’s diner. We settled on the La Bamba skillet and the strawberry stuffed french toast. Both were served with a smile. The french toast was smothers with strawberries and cream. The La Bamba skillet was exactly what I wanted. Potatoes, covered with diced ham, onions, bell peppers, eggs and smothered with green chili. Delish!! I love everything about this place!







HuHot November 14, 2015

I absolutely love Mongolian BBQ.  If you screw up the bowl, you have no one to blame but yourself.  At HuHot, if you screw up the bowl, make a new one. I have only had great experiences at HuHot. They have a good choice of craft brews to pick from.  If you don’t drink alcohol, then they have one of those build your own Cocoa Cola machines. The arrangements of things to put in your bowl are large.  There is a whole cart of meats including steak, chicken, shrimp, tofu, and pork. Then an assortment of noodles to accompany the meats. A whole cart of veggies to pick from and then the best part. The sauces are by far the best part.  This is where you can make any mixture that you want. I mix it up each time but I always include the garlic chunks. I love garlic. The chefs are always on their A game and the servers are always attentive and super quick. I love HuHot so much. Great Mongolian BBQ!!







LuBo’s NY Pizza November 13, 2015

We were looking for a new Italian place in the Aurora area and came across LuBo’s. We walked in and the place was kind of busy, especially for a snowy night. Good sign. We were greeted immediately and sat immediately. The staff were very upbeat and all seem to love their job. We ordered a pitcher of beer, a calzone and chicken parmesan. When the food arrived I was in heaven. The food looked amazing! The calzone was huge!! I couldn’t get enough of the chicken parm. It was cooked to perfection and oozing in marinara sauce and fried melted cheese on top. It is making my mouth water thinking about it right now. Excellent restaurant. Great staff, great food and perfect atmosphere. Love this place and I will be back for sure!





Hops and Pie in The Highlands November 7, 2015

A coworker talks very highly of Hops and Pie, so I planned a dinner with a group of friends to hit this place up. They don’t take reservations on Saturdays, so we arrived about half an hour early to put our name in. We then went down the street to enjoy a cocktail while we waited.  The wait was almost 2 hours long before we got the call that our table was ready.  We walked in and the place was dead. Seemed a bit odd since our wait was so long. We were seated and ordered our drinks.  I had been so excited all day because I heard that Hops and Pie would have the collaboration beer between New Belgium and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. I asked the server for it and he stated that they ran out a half hour before. That kind of upsetting since I had waited 2 hours to get seated. I picked another beer and focused on the pizza. I ordered a personal pizza with pepperoni, green bell peppers, tomatoes and roasted garlic chunks.  Sounds amazing right? Well, wrong.  The pizza was bland.  I was shocked since I heard great things about their pizza and beer. Overall, I would say this place is meh. I was not blown away, let alone impressed. I know of plenty other pizza places that have phenomenal pizza and I don’t have to wait hours to get in.






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