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Billy’s Gourmet Hot Dogs March 22, 2015

After driving past this place about 50 times, we finally stopped in. I thought it was just a basic hot dog place, but I was wrong.  They have everything from a Chicago dog, to buffalo brats, duck dogs, Kobe beef dogs, you name it. The menu is actually really large. I knew the second my eyes fell on the chili cheese fries, I had to get them. Smothered in nacho cheese and oozing in red chili, who can say no to them?? I couldn’t! They were amazing!! A must have in my opinion. I could only get one dog, since the fries were so massive. I settled on a Chicago dog. It was really tasty, with all of the right peppers and even a poppy seed bun. They also have a few choices of local beers on tap to pick from.  The service we extremely fast for only having 2 people working and a full restaurant. I am definitely coming back and ordering each hot dog on the menu. All in all, fantastic place. Love the choices!!







Beatrice and Woodsley Brunch March 8, 2015

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I have heard how fantastic Beatrice and Woodsley is, so when a friend invited us for brunch, I jumped at the opportunity. I walked in and immediately loved the decor.  Tall trees surrounding the room and a serene feeling overwhelmed me. It was beautiful. We were seated in a lovely booth and handed the menus. The menu was small and I felt like I didn’t have much to pick from.  Nonetheless I finally settled on the biscuits and gravy. I know the food is a bit different than most, but when my biscuits and gravy had carrots in it, I was out. The food was actually pretty horrible.  It lacked flavor and seasoning. My biscuit was pretty much gross dry cornbread with a little bit of gravy and eggs laying on top.  How disappointing. The only thing I liked was the side order of Polish sausage that I added. The drinks are great and again, different than a typical bar, but pretty pricey. No one at the table seemed satisfied. The server was nice but would forget little things that were asked for. Overall, I was not impressed.








Brunch at Linger

I would have to say that brunch at Linger was so much better than dinner.  I felt jipped after ordering what seemed like 15 things for dinner, spending $80 and still leaving hungry. Brunch is on a more normal scale for a meal. I was up in the air between the chorizo tacos and the ramen. Everyone knows I love me some tacos, but the ramen was also calling my name. I asked the waitress what she suggested and the tacos won. They came out served in one of those taco holders so that they don’t fall over. I think those things are cute. The tacos were tasty. Pretty much, they were the taco version of a breakfast burrito. A fellow bruncher got the ramen, and I honestly regretted my decision.  The ramen was so much more appealing than the tacos. She said that it was really good. Next time, I am getting the ramen for sure.  Along with the food, they offer bottomless mimosas and they are not shy about constantly refilling your pint glass full every time they walk by.  Overall, brunch has been a bit of a redemption for Linger.  I shall be back. Can’t wait for summer time to enjoy their well known patio.








The Kitchen Next Door March 6, 2015

I was having lunch with a co-worker and she mentioned trying The Kitchen Next Door. I had been there before and always up for trying a new place.  I settled on the bangers n’ mash. You really can’t go wrong with sausage and mashed potatoes, until now. The sausage was extremely bland. The whole plate was covered in what looked like soggy cooked kale. Kale! Why would you put kale over this?  The only thing that was good was the onion gravy. I am convinced I just tried the wrong menu item.  Next time I think I will try the Koberstein ranch dry aged burger. If you have suggestions on something else to try, I would love them.




The Oceanaire Seafood Restaurant (Denver Restaurant Week) March 1, 2015

Denver Restaurant Week always falls the same time of year as my birthday.  It works well for me, because I get to have a fantastic dinner that I wouldn’t normally get throughout the year.  This year, I picked The Oceanaire. The menu looked great and so reservations were made. My party arrived and were seated promptly. Drinks were ordered and we went over the Denver Restaurant Week menu. It changed! I know the menu online states that the menu may change, but my dish that I had my heart set on, was now missing. Cooper was our server and he was nothing short of awesome.  He explained that since they get fresh fish, the menu would only allow what fresh fish they got that day. I understand, but was still a little disappointed. I then decided to go with the grilled tenderloin tips with whipped potatoes, crispy onions and conac cream. Cooper suggested with this dish to add shrimp. I felt that was a great idea and so shrimp was added to my dish. It all tasted amazing and was cooked exactly as I like it. Brian went with the grilled loch etive steelhead trout served blackened with caramelized onions and blue cheese butter. This dish was also good, but the fish didn’t seem to be the trout. It was pink and flaky inside like salmon.  We were a bit confused. The dessert menu changed as well. Instead of salted caramel and pretzel sundae, which I also had my heart set on, they offered a mint chocolate chip sundae. It sounded good so we ordered this when we ordered the appetizer and main dish. By the time we got to the dessert, the restaurant ran out of the ice cream. At this point, I was getting a little annoyed with having to change my choice. The death by chocolate cake sounded heavy and rich, so I opted for the cookies. Yes, they offered cookies as  dessert for the Denver Restaurant Week menu. This was such a lame option. The whole point of DRW is to impress people, not disappoint them. I was surprised they couldn’t come up with something else for dessert. Overall, we added an appetizer and had a few drinks and spent much more than the $60 for DRW. It was nice to finally try this place, but sad that they lacked some options. Cooper was a great server and very helpful with suggestions. I am not sure if we would be back for the food, but we would for sure for the great service.










PBR Bar (Professional Bull Riding) in Las Vegas February 28, 2015

I have been to PBR bar for drinks a few times before, but hadn’t tried the food until now. I have been on a Mexican food kick all week, so to keep with that I got the chicken fajitas. The chicken had a great lime flavor to them, but for the cost, I felt like they were pretty mediocre. I could have gone to Chili’s down the strip and gotten better fajitas for half the price. The guacamole looked like runny baby poop and the fajitas weren’t served with any cheese. Brian decided to go out of the box and get the chicken and waffles pizza.  The pizza itself was good, but the chicken and waffles on top were extremely dry and lacked flavor. The service was really good, but the food was nothing worth getting excited about. We shared a fish bowl of margaritas with some friends of ours, which tasted really good. 100 ounces of margarita is a bit much, but they gladly give you to-go cups for any that can’t be consumed at the table.






Cabo Wabo in Las Vegas February 27, 2015

A scrambled egg quesadilla sounded really weird to me, but I agreed to try it. We split the breakfast quesailla and added a side of guacamole. Shockingly, it was extremely tasty. I am glad I added the guacamole, because it really brought together the flavors in the quesadilla. It was served with a side of potatoes and a semi spicy sauce. Great start to the day. To accompany the quesadilla we each got a drink.  I went with the Desert Pear Margarita and Brian went with the crazy, alcohol fueled Can’t Drive 55. Both were great choices, but I would suggest getting a pitcher.  You get more bang for your buck.




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