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The Pint Room June 21, 2015

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175 beers on tap, 150 of them local, specializing in burgers. How can this be a  bad place? Well, it can. What is the point of having so many beers on tap, if you don’t have any in stock? It took me about 3 orders before I picked a beer that they actually had. The idea of 175 beer choices is awesome, but they need to keep up on refilling these.  My other thought it, I hope they have a handle on cleaning out those taps.

We ordered calamari to start with.  The server then said, “I am going to bring you out some bacon. It is $3 and you will each get a piece”. Ummm, okay. Thanks for asking if we wanted this bacon. The calamari came out and it was exquisite. There is no better word to describe it. The sauce that it was tossed in was tangy and not overpowering. It was laying on a bed of crispy rice noodles and bell peppers that were also drizzled with the same amazing sauce. I could eat this calamari everyday. The $3 bacon came out and I grabbed a piece. They were limp.  I like my bacon to be crispy, but this was just a thick cut of fatty bacon.  My fiance loved it, but I thought it was awful.

We then ordered our burgers.  I went with the classic, medium rare with american cheese.  I asked what the fresh vegetable side was and the server stated it could either be a squash medley or brussel sprouts. She didn’t seem to make any effort to find out which it was when I asked, so I went with the french fries. At this point the server had already forgotten about a beer that we ordered and pretty much forced us to buy bacon. The burgers came out and I started to chow down. The meat was nowhere near medium rare. It was a good solid medium to medium well.  I continued to eat it hoping that maybe once I got towards the center there would at least be some pink. No, no pink. I wasn’t in the mood to complain, and really gave up on this place being awesome at that point. I have spoken to a few others about this place and they all have the same issues. In theory this place could be fabulous, but really, it isn’t worth it.










Sushi Totoro June 17, 2015

We walked in expecting to get a few rolls, some miso and maybe a drink.  We ended up getting all you can eat sushi with some awesome rolls and tons of nigri. The menu with all of the beautiful pictures, got us. They sucked us in and said, you must eat me! Or at least, that is how I felt. The server was awesome.  Very upbeat, asked questions, suggested different things on the menu. He was super helpful. We ordered a bit too much, but were able to scarf it down to avoid the cost of leftover pieces. The menu has a ton of special rolls that are included on the all you can eat menu. Great sushi, not the best nigri, but amazing rolls. I will definitely be back and I will be hungry!






Hacienda Colorado June 16, 2015

Tacos tacos tacos. I love tacos. Hacienda is home to my favorite tacos in Colorado. The ground beef is seasoned well and tickles my taste buds. Okay, maybe that is an extreme thing to say, but I do love Hacienda. Everything I have ever had there is amazing and prepared well. The charro beans have a great mix of beans and tomatoes, to where it is not just a blob of beans. I usually get extra charro beans because I like them so much. The staff seem to stay for a while and I don’t see a lot of turnover.  In fact, one of the bartenders has been there as long as I have been going about 7 years ago. They also have excellent margaritas.  A bit pricey, but well worth it for good Mexican food and drinks. Thanks for being so awesome Hacienda! You make it easier for someone from Arizona to enjoy Mexican food in Colorado.





Red Rocks Grill in Morrison June 14, 2015

After a long day at Bandimere, I was starving for some great Mexican food.  Typically, we would go to Morrison Inn, but we had heard lately that they have gone down hill. So, we walked over to Red Rocks Grill. They are always consistently good and have great service. This occasion was no different. The waitress was on everything.  She was funny and helpful all at the same time. I got 4 crunchy beef tacos and Brian got one of the combos because he was being indecisive.  Great tacos! The only complaint I have it the pre made shells.  They should try making their own so that they are fresh. No frills on the looks, but taste make up for the presentation, or lack there of.







Parker Days Festival June 12, 2015

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Every year I look forward to Parker Days Festival.  It is a carnival, beer garden, concert, farmers market, and food fest all in one. You have rides for all ages, drinks, food and great music.  Every year I have to get the Island Noodles. They are a Hawaiian noodle stand that you can only get at festivals like these. This noodle dish is phenomenal. You can add chicken, but otherwise a large helping of vegetables and soft soba noodles with a ton of teriyaki and soy flavors. I honestly could probably eat two of these because I love them so much. Brian had got the a chicken teriyaki stick from a BBQ booth.  The festival has Greek food, carnival food like deep fried oreos, turkey legs, etc.  Great place to try different kinds of foods. My piece of advice, open a food tuck so that we can enjoy Island Noodles at other times than festivals.





Las Fajitas in Aurora June 11, 2015

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Always on the hunt for great tacos, we decided one night to check out Las Fajitas on Parker Road. Once we got there, I changed my mind.  Since this place is called Las Fajitas, shouldn’t I try their fajitas? The service is a bit slow.  They weren’t even half full and the wait staff acted like they were extremely swamped. Once the waitress came over, I ordered the chicken fajitas and a large melon margarita. Brian got the mango margarita and the chicken fajita burrito. They came out piping hot. The fajitas were sizzling and smelled delicious. The portions are extremely huge.  We should have split a meal because we had a ton of leftovers. After the restaurant calmed down, the service got much better. The food was awesome and fairly priced. I would recommend going, but if they are busy, be prepared to wait a while.







Live Basil Pizza June 9, 2015

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Pizza pizza pizza. What do you like on your pizza? I love all kinds of things on my pizza.  I had never been to Live Basil, but I had heard their food was pretty good.  My friend refers to it as the Subway of pizza.  You walk down the line and build your pizza how you want it. I picked the Farmers Market pizza.  It comes with red sauce, Italian cheese blend, peppers, mushrooms, grape tomatoes, arugula, and live basil.  I actually cannot stand mushrooms, so I substituted them with fresh garlic. I love garlic so much.  I feel like you can never get enough of it. I watched them make my pizza with wide eyes.  I was so excited to try it.  After the pizza was cooked, they topped it with arugula and basil. ALOT of arugula and basil. In my opinion, way too much. The lady at the register didn’t seem to know what she was doing, so I stood there for roughly 15 minutes while my pizza got cold.  Finally someone else came over and took over ringing up the 2 people in front of me. This finally sped things up a bit.  I sat down and took my first bite of the salad. I mean, pizza.  I thought I was eating a salad. It was overwhelming.  I had to pull 70% of the arugula and basil off in order to actually taste the pizza. After that, it was amazing. Great flavor.  I am glad I went with the fresh garlic. Next time I go, I will ask them to hold the arugula.






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