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Pie Hole October 16, 2015

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We were on South Broadway one night at PunchBowl Social with some friends.  We were getting hungry and didn’t want to pay their ridiculous prices or eat their off the wall food, so we walked down Broadway looking for something to munch on. This aroma of pizza took over my nose and we wandered into Pie Hole. The place is a bit hidden but let your nose guide you. It was pretty packed with Saturday night Broadway traffic. We walked up and were greeted by the man making the pizzas.  You can basically get anything you want made by the slice, or as a whole pizza.  We ordered a few slices and within seconds they were in our hands.  The pizza was fairly cheap and obviously quick. The flavor is good, but it had been sitting there under the heat lamp for a little bit. I would give the flavor roughly a 6 out 10.  Not bad, but you have had plenty better.  For the price and location however, it was a great deal.




Cucina Colore

When the owner of your company invites you to a new restaurant to join them for lunch, you jump! I certainly did when she mentioned going to Cucina Colore.  I had heard many great things, but have never tried it before. We arrived and were seated immediately. The server went over the specials for the day and one caught my attention.  Angel hair pasta with chicken, asparagus and sun dried tomatoes. My boss ended up getting the same thing as well. The bread arrived and was perfect.  I am not usually a huge bread fan.  I feel that all it is is filler for the flavored food to arrive. I decided to try some and it was a little hard on the outside, but soft and moist on the inside.  This is how I like my bread. I ate about half the basket.  Whoops! I should have shared.  All was good when the server brought out another basket.

The food was brought out steamy hot and looked absolutely amazing. Amazing isn’t a good enough word. It was so inviting, and delicate looking. My first bite was mouth watering.  The chicken fell apart, it was so tender.  The noodles were cooked to perfection and the flavors of the cream sauce, asparagus and tomatoes brought everything together into this perfect dish.  I could eat this everyday if it was available. Great dish! Super friendly staff, and of course the decor was beautiful.  I will be back! Hopefully to get more of this dish.






Fritangas! October 4, 2015

Mexican food and brunch always go well together in my books. We moved down the street from this place called Fritangas. The building used to be a Taco Bell back in the day and now has turned into a small quick dining joint. We finally tried it out and were not disappointed. I got a chicken fajita omelet with spicy pork green chili and hash browns. Brian decided on chorizo and eggs with potatoes, beans and mild pork green chili. What I learned was that their spicy green chili is on fire! The mild has better flavor and you can taste your food. :) The chicken fajita omelet was killer. The food and service were fantastic.  The only drawbacks for this place is that the seating area is small and they close pretty early if you want a late night bite.





Wild Eggs October 3, 2015

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A girlfriend of mine suggested Wild Eggs for our monthly brunch. I had only seen it a few times driving past, but haven’t tried it out yet.  I was the first to arrive and ordered a pitcher of mimosas to start. Glancing over the menu, I changed my mind about 50 times.  I am trying to be healthy and eat better, so I was leaning towards the farmers market skillet. I ended up going with a special that they had that week that was an omelet with ham,peppers and topped with cheese and avocado. The dish came with a muffin and skillet potatoes. The pitcher of mimosas was was too much. It is good if you are sharing with 5 or more people, but for 2, it was difficult to finish. The omelet was very tasty.  Fresh ingredients and the avocado made this omelet perfect! Great little brunch spot for groups or a table of 2. I recommend checking this place out.







Saigon Terrace October 2, 2015

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Whenever I try a new Chinese food place, I like to order the kung pao chicken.  It is one of my staples and I feel you can gauge how good a place is on this dish. When I went to order the food online, their website kept stating that they were closed, even though it was after noon. I tried calling the 2 numbers listed on their site.  One sounded like a fax machine.  The other stated that the number had been disconnected. I really had a hankering for some kung pao, so I drove down to their restaurant and they were open.  As I walked in the doorway, the phone was ringing. I felt like I was in the twilight zone.  I told the hostess about the website and phones numbers.  She just looked at me like I was crazy and became very rude. Whatever, I wanted kung pao.

At this place you can order how hot you want it. No spice, mild, medium, spicy and extra spicy.  I went for the extreme and ordered extra spicy. After all, it was kung pao chicken. They handed my food to go, and I went back to work. As I started to eat the kung pao, expecting my mouth to burn,  I was very surprised.  It wasn’t hot at all.  It was about a mild spicy. The chicken was tough and the flavor was bland. So disappointed.  After speaking to other co-workers who have tried this place, they all said the same thing.  No spice, and no flavor. I won’t be going back to Saigon Terrace. This was just an overall bad experience.



Piatti in Cherry Creek September 29, 2015

The owner of my company and I were talking about good Italian food one day, and she suggested taking me to her favorite Italian restaurant. I was in! Anytime I get to try a new place to eat, I am a happy camper. She pulled up in Cherry Creek to a restaurant called Piatti. She mentioned that she was a regular and boy, she wasn’t kidding.  She knew everyone there from the owner, to the wait staff to another patron sitting next to us. I sometimes think I am a regular at some places, but not like that.

I had already glanced over the menu online and was settled on getting the fettuccine. It sounded tasty and like a good staple to try for my first time there. The waitress came over and told us about the specials. I couldn’t help but change my mind to the grilled shrimp risotto that they were offering that day.  I always figure, I can order something on the menu again some other time, but if the special sounds worth it, then get that! My lunch partner ordered a Caesar salad with grilled shrimp. She also suggested that I try the calamari. How can I turn that down?  The bread came out and it was average bread that you get from most Italian restaurants. I am not a huge bread fan, so I just tried a piece and then saved room for the rest of my meal.  The calamari came out and it looked inviting. It shared a plate with tempura fried carrots and asparagus.  I absolutely love asparagus, so I pretty much scarfed all of those down. The sauce that it was served with was tarty and thick.  Some may not like this type of sauce for their calamari, but I felt it was a great compliment to the batter. Our food arrived and my eyeballs about popped out of my head.  The shrimp risotto was colorful and was a much larger portion then I had anticipated. I dove in and was immediately hit with bold flavors of spinach and balsamic. The shrimp was lacking a bit of flavor.  It tasted as though they just threw it on the grill with zero seasoning.  I had to smother each one with the risotto to get some flavor out of it. Other than the shrimp, this was an amazing meal. I am excited to go back and try the fettuccine some time.






RA Sushi September 21, 2015

First off, I am going to start this post by stating that RA needs to open a location in Denver.  I don’t understand why there are multiple locations throughout Tucson, AZ, but none in the whole state of Colorado.  With that being said, I absolutely love RA.  It is in my top 5 favorite sushi restaurants of all time. They have excellent service, great happy hour prices and amazing sushi.  I have taken someone who didn’t even like sushi to try RA,and they became a fan. Literally. Open one in Denver!!!

I always rant and rave about this place. I don’t think I can say enough great things.  This time, we stopped in to the Vegas location across from the Wynn Hotel. This location is a bit tough to get to, but well worth the trek. We ordered off the happy hour menu and really couldn’t decide, so we actually ordered entirely way too much food. We started with the calamari, which I had never had there.  It was lightly battered in tempura batter.  I would suggest getting this if you are sharing for a table of 4 or more.  The dish was a pretty large portion. It was good, but I am not sure if we would order it again based on the size. It is usually just my fiance and I.  Then we added the shishito peppers, which is one of my all time favs. We have ordered these at other restaurants and no one can replicate these to be anywhere near as great as RA. We then got the egg rolls and the gyoza. Both equally as tasty, just a ton of food. By that time, we should have stopped ordering, but, we needed to get some sushi.  Bring on the yellowtail! Yellowtail is my favorite fish and RA does it right. Soaking in ponzu sauce and topped with jalapenos, this dish will surely make your taste buds tingle. Top it off with more yellowtail and I was set for the day. I seriously just wish that they would open a location in Colorado.  The state will be very happy if they did.







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